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About our Product, and what sets us Apart

Now you can enjoy at home what your local chinese restaurant offers with an authentic tasting dumpling. All produce is sourced locally each day to provide the freshest ingredients and then snap frozen to keep in all the goodness.

While each step of our process is completed with the traditional recipe in mind - our dumplings are wholesome, combining pastry, seafood, meats and vegetables. They are a satisfying snack or meal for the whole family, summer or winter- simply perfect to eat all year round.


Good Food. Good Mood

Who is Leanne's Kitchen

Leanne’s Kitchen is the largest producer of dumplings in the country and have been serving New Zealanders for over 16 years. You will find our 6 ranges of dumplings available at all leading foodservice outlets, supermarkets and specialist food retailers nationwide.

Leanne’s Kitchen’s reputation is founded on quality, variety and reliability. It is our mission as a local NZ Made food producer to serve a superior product that leaves the customer satisfied and we do this by keeping the recipe simple and healthy. There is no colouring, preservatives or harmful additives in any of our dumpling ranges and with the added quick and easy cooking processes taking between 5- 12mins, they are indeed a mouth-watering morsel.

Leanne’s Kitchen has representatives throughout New Zealand, who are available to discuss our range of competitively priced dumplings with you. Please contact us to get in touch with your nearest representative.

Chicken & Prawn Dumplings

Leanne's Kitchen

Pork & Prawn Dumplings

Leanne's Kitchen

Pork & Cabbage Dumplings

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